Areas The Scrap Car Buyers Operate

Most of the mainland UK is covered with scrap car agents prepared to consider buying your vehicle. Obviously for most there is a limit to the distance they will operate to collect a car, but there are some breaker yards who have transporter trailers and will collect vehicles on a national basis providing you are prepared to wait for them to be in your areas. For the most, it will be local breaker yard who will contact you via phone to offer cash for your vehicle.

Whether your vehicle can move or not, can also affect collection as some when a crane is needed to lift a car onto a trailer, its space is limited, so it can't collect several scrap cars over a larger distance.


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Things To Consider

  • Look at the access to your vehicle an consider what size of lorry or trailer can access it.
  • If you live in the city, are there any regulations to bringing a large vehicle, such as congestion charges?
  • For country dwellers, are there any off road or rough ground to cover, or where a heavy vehicle could get stuck or sink?
  • Will there be any issues with neighbours?

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