Whitley Bay Scrap Car

Your ageing motor can be collected for cash within the region of Whitley Bay from dismantlers who need your vehicle.
SellYourOldCar's aim is to bring Whitley Bay buyers and sellers together, to help you get rid of a non runner you don't want anymore in North East area.
Our quick form is the easiest way to find people in Whitley Bay who want your old motor.
You will get a call in the next few days, and if accept the offer people from Whitley Bay , North East will come at yours and pick up the vehicle.
SellYourOldCar is a free service with no obligation that will help you find someone interested in Whitley Bay. It's worth a try to get rid of that rusty piece of metal isn't it?

Get Cash For Your MOT Failure Or Salvage In Whitley Bay

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